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icon Music Listen to your music collection on a conneted TV, speaker or bluetooth device and controll it over the webinterface icon Video Watch your video files, livestreams and other online media like YouTube- or Daylimotion videos over a connected TV or display icon Monitoring Check common informations about your Raspberry Pi like temperature, process details and available space on your drives


BonbonPi iconBonbonPi is a webinterface for playing music- and video files, livestreams and other online media on the Raspberry Pi. BonbonPi is based on PHP and uses HTML and CSS to display the interface. The processes used by the interface are written in ruby and to a certain amount in bash scripts to create a connection to the applications and services used by BonbonPi.

To play music and video files, BonbonPi uses Omxplayer which uses the performance of the GPU. To forward livestreams and videos of popular video sharing websites, like YouTube and Daylimotion, to Omxplayer, the Linux application Livestreamer is used, which needs to be installed as the latest version when used for this purpose.


  • Webserver (NGINX, Apache 2, Lighttpd)
  • PHP
  • Ruby1
  • Omxplayer1
  • Screen
  • Livestreamer (For livestream- and YouTube video support)
  • A commandline bluetooth management tool1

With 1 marked packages are already installed on the default Raspbian image.



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