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Privacy Policy

By using this site and its subdomains, specific types of data about you and your usage are stored and used within the service and / or 3rd party services. What kind of data this includes is explained in the following paragraphs:

Note: "this website" means: the main domain, paths and subdomains of all levels.

Data that was stored with your explicit consent

This is data that you actively enter or accept on this website or is provided by a 3rd party service that you used for authentification purposes. We will not send you any automated emails without your explicit consent (newsletters, notifications). If you created an user account on one of our services, you can delete all the data that is directly associated with this account from our databases. You can do this directly in the login protected user area.

Data that was stored without your explicit consent

This is data that is collected automatically by using this website. This includes server logs, cookies, your IP address and your system information (browser / operating system version, etc), as well as cookies created by Cloudflare, which is needed to use this website. This also includes data that is collected by 3rd party services that we use on this website. This mostly contains simple usage data of our visitors and registered users and / or Social Media services. For example: Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

You can delete most of this type of data by deleting the cache and cookies used by this website in your browser settings and using the provided functions of said 3rd party services.

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