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This list gets updated every 15 minutes and gets its data from the newest 20 rants.
Because of this it's possible that some users still aren't listed here.

devRant Top 20 ++

# User ++
1. linuxxx 153836
2. AlexDeLarge 119907
3. Shion 103970
4. Root 66851
5. Stuxnet 64347
6. C0D4 59154
7. Floydimus 57007
8. AlgoRythm 47531
9. yellow-dog 47008
10. Haxk20 44971
11. dfox 44264
12. Linux 43865
13. tahnik 40396
14. iSwimInTheC 40248
15. bittersweet 39081
16. gitpush 34124
17. Condor 34045
18. irene 32100
19. FrodoSwaggins 31274
20. ewpratten 29469